Happy 1st Anniversary!

click, drag & release ;)

...since the start of our first meeting

Holy moly! Has it really been a year now? A whole year since a handful of journalism students first met in a living room in Dortmund to teach themselves something about programming? One year of learning and sharing ways to handle data and use it to improve news stories?

Yes, it has been one whole year and we are excited to celebrate the first birthday of Journocode today! And as a birthday gift, we present to you some data that has been generated on our different channels in this first year of crunching numbers 'trial and error' style, working together, learning new stuff, sharing hard-won knowledge, eating pizza and having a lot of fun.

Don't know us yet? Visit our homepage or find us on Facebook and Twitter!


Sophie Rotgeri link

We started our Facebook page in January 2016. Since then, 105 people have clicked “like”!
We took a look at the page stats and did a little bit of magic, also known as ggplot, to give you this overview.

You seem to like it when we post from conferences and talks. We'll do more of that in the future, so stay tuned. But the thing you guys really loved was our 'About us'-video.

We do, too. So if you haven't checked it out yet, do it now!


Kira Schacht link and Moritz Zajonz link

We also had a bit of fun with Twitter Analytics, put a little bit of ggplot into the mix and: tada!
This is how you guys retweeted and liked our posts!

We love being on the road and apparently you like to hear about it. Also, you may notice a tiny decrease in activity over this summer. We took a little time off for other work, but we’re back now. So keep in touch for more fun ddj stuff!

We are not only celebrating ourselves today, we’re celebrating you, too!
These are our most active Twitter followers.
A huge shout out to everyone who has been sharing our stuff and giving feedback: We always love to hear from you!

Of course, you can always take our relationship to the next level and join us in person at one of our meetings like Follower-King Fidel did a few months ago.
Don’t be shy! You could show us what journocoding-stuff you are doing yourself - or just take a slice of pizza and chill.


Kira Schacht link and Phil Ninh

We are quite a talkative bunch. But sadly, we can't see each other every day (sniff!). So it's a good thing we have our slack channels to share everything with each other – and with you too, by the way: Our slack team is open for everyone!

Turns out slack lets you download an archive of all your team’s channels. As you can see, we love using emojis. These are the ones we used the most in the last year.
Looks like we had fun most of the time!


Moritz Zajonz link

Let's cut to the chase: Programming is what journocode is all about. So without further ado: Here are the top five languages in our git repository. We used this great tool to count our lines of code.

And there is even more to come: With all the new stuff we learned over the summer, we are eager to start new projects.
What topics would you like us to do a tutorial on? Write us an e-mail, contact us on Facebook or Twitter or join our slack team to let us know.

It's been an awesome year and we are looking forward to the next one and many more with you!
We’ll definitely continue exchanging ideas and skills, keeping alive the spirit of the squirrel.
And eating pizza of course, no one could ever stop us from eating pizza.
We still have so much to learn and there is so much more to explore!

Thank you all for your support, invitations, questions and feedback! To you, and to many more years of coding for journalism!

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